Friday, April 16, 2010

Latino and Asian low wage workers - together in struggle

In anticipation of CLORE's event next week on the rights, struggles and solidarity movement of Latino and Asian low wage workers, particularly in the garment industry, here are some links to discussions and scholarship to whet our appetite.

1. ¡YA BASTA! Reflections on Asian and Latino Workers in the Immigrant Rights Movement -

2. Study: Asian American Low-Wage Workers Often Cheated of their Wages -

3. Chinese and Latino Garment Workers Announce Filing of Lawsuit Against ‘Cache’ -

Some questions to consider as well:

- What has been the most successful direct action techniques that have worked to secure low wage workers, particularly immigrants, rights?

- What can other social justice movements learn from the solidarity work of these two communities?

- What has been most challenging in alliance building for low wage workers' rights?

- Where have we seen reform work compromise the movement?

La lucha continua....


  1. I just want to add to this discussion a gender critique as well.

    What issues do you think go unaddressed in feminist labor movements? How have you seen women of color act at the forefront of demanding living wage jobs, sanitary and healthy work conditions and health care?